Q: You do not appear to be girls.
A: That's not a question.

(But we'll tell you the story anyway)

The One of the Girls Story

You might want to grab a pint first. We'll wait. OK, ready?

In early 2004, Tom was acting in a play. One day backstage the girls in the show were discussing feminine things. They didn't pay Tom no nevermind. He was just one of the girls. Meanwhile, Tom and his brother Al wanted to put together a band for St. Patrick's Day 2004. So they did. But they needed more than a banjo.  They contacted Tripp.  Trish, one of the girls in Tom's play, was Tripp's fiancee (now wife). Tripp was one of the girls too. A week before St. Patrick's Day, Sean, who was in a play that Tom was assistant directing, asked to join the band. Are you following? Being that Sean was the youngest sibling of several sisters, and given the above-documented "invisibility in the presence of girls" of the other band members, One of the Girls was born just before St. Patrick's Day 2004.

One fine spring day, the Girls were rehearsing on a street corner, when Roger walked by. "Say, wouldn't you gents like a stand-up bassist for your music-band?" he asked. "Why, of course we would," was the reply. "But we must advise you that we are Girls."

Some time later, Al packed his bindle, hopped on his bike, and pursued a solo career touring the USA and Europe with his banjo. Since 2011, he's been back with us full time.

Right after recording our first album, A Streetcorner Summer (2005), Mike joined the band, adding musical depth, mad accordion playing, and a wicked sense of humor.

Then Mike got married and moved back to Vermont, but not before he helped us record and mix our second album, Blueirishfolkgrass (2010). Tripp then left for California to pursue a PhD in being a Reverend Holy Pants. Jacques then joined us on the mandolin and fiddle. Some time later, Dan joined us on keyboard after recording our first album. (Are you following all this? There will be a quiz later.)

Sometimes, on a foggy March night in Chicago, you can still see all seven of One of the Girls singing Irish tunes at your local watering hole. It's downright spooky.



Tom Schorsch

lead vocals

Tom grew up listening to his mother's old Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem records. From the musically talented German-American clan of Schorsch, Tom is somehow more than half Irish. Trained as an actor on the stages of Chicago and at the British American Drama Academy at Oxford University, Tom has sung to himself, to musical theatre audiences, and in von Trapp--I mean Schorsch--family gatherings.


Sean Michael Sullivan

guitar, vocals

Sean Michael Francis carries the patronym of his fathers before him; the O’Sullivans were a proud and distal mob, carousing the so’westerly shoals of the Emerald Isle. ‘Til fortune came, and they paid their dues on the ships to America, seeking newer and loftier horizons. Their long legacy, frought with toil and strife, has culminated to this moment: the sole bearer of the Sullivan/Riley patronym (the youngest of four, and the only boy), an actor and stagehand, playing guitar and singing in a 21st century folk band. 

God bless America.

Sean has appeared on NBC's Chicago Fire and A&E's The Beast, has been nominated for a Joseph Jefferson Award for his stage acting, and played the role of Johnny Cash in the musical sensation Million Dollar Quartet.


Al Schorsch


A founding member of One of the Girls, Al returned to the band in 2011 with his amazing claw-hammer banjo skills.

He currently plays solo under the name Al Scorch.

Here's what soapboxchicago.com has to say about Al:

Al Scorch has got some firebreathing fingers, and he's not afraid to use them. There is something captivating, earnest and honest about the way he shreds his banjo, eyes squeezed tight, drenched in sweat, hollerin' with smoke rising from his banjo's backside. He plays every show like it is his last, and that fierce energy creates an undeniable spirit that his audience can feel as well as hear.

Roger Sherman

Roger Sherman

bass, vocals

Fed up with political corruption and expensive auto registration, Roger moved from Vermont to Chicago several years ago. He found himself under a powerful Voodoo spell, most likely woven by some mandolin playing baptist minister with a beard, glasses, and a wife named Trish.  Now, against his will, he responds to the phrase "Hey, you're one of the girls, aren't you?" As a bass player, Roger has shared the stage with the likes of Dave Brubeck, Victor Wooten, The Chicago Bluegrass Band, The Hen House Prowlers, The Sons Of Susan, and the Night Watchmen of the Lake View Lounge fame.

Always up for another set, another tune, or another Guinness, Roger is a fundamental part of the arrangement process in One Of The Girls. On top of being a musician, he also considers himself a writer and lover of plants. His head spins around 360 degrees when he plays and he speaks in an evil tounge not spoken on this earth for thousands of years. Muhahaha!

Photo © Lost in Concert

Jacques René

fiddle, mandolin, vocals

We don't know where Jacques came from. He wandered into an OotG practice one stormy night, carrying a blackened fiddle and an ancient lute, and he's been with us ever since.

Some say he and his sister learned to play fiddle and mandolin after being kidnapped from home by a band of boxcar-riding carnies. Some say the only reason he can play at all is because he stole Jimmy Page's pick while the guitar god was rock-napping. Some say he was a Marine and travelled the world, while some say he has played the Grand Ol' Opry on moonshine. Some say he's French. Some say he's Chinese. Some say his nail clippings are considered currency in the mountains of Cambodia. Some say that Tolkien had never even written a word about "Tom Bombadil" before meeting Jacques. No one really knows....at one point, fact became rumor, rumor became tall tale, tall tale became legend, and legend became myth.

Whoever he is and wherever he came from, one thing is for sure -- he's one of the girls.

Dan Sherer


Dan is happy to play with One of the Girls. He first worked with us as a sound engineer on our first album, A Streetcorner Summer. Now he plays keyboard for One of the Girls and Saved by the Belvedere. He has a lovely wife and son.

Tripp Hudgins

mandolin, vocals (West Coast)

Tripp has sung professionally with His Majesty's Clerks, Chicago Choral Artists, The Schola Cantorum of St Peter as well as other Chicago area churches. He appears on more than a dozen professional recordings. He plays mandolin (and the related Celtic bouzouki and tenor banjo) and guitar. His vocal experience covers a wide swath from the Gregorian to jazz, classical, the Irish and back again. Tripp is married to Trish (a bay area actor) and is an American Baptist pastor. He is a happy man. He currently serves as the associate pastor of First Baptist Church Palo Alto. He likes to perform impromptu baptisms on unsuspecting pedestrians.

(Oh, and he has a blog. Check it out.)



Michael Scott Duplessis

accordion (East Coast)

Mike was born on the top of a hill on the shore of Lake Champlain. Soon thereafter, he moved to the top of a hill nestled in a valley of the Green Mountains. As a teenager, he began reading "Sassy," "YM" and "Seventeen" to learn more about the secrets of the fair sex, but instead just became one of the girls, years before he officially became one of One of the Girls. At age fourteen, one of Mike's father's high school friends told Mike that the way to get girls was not to be one of the girls, but was by being a musician. Inspired by this middle-aged janitor/rock drummer, Mike picked up the guitar and began to rock. After being paid for a gig five years ago not with money, but instead with an accordion, he decided that the accordion player would replace the lead guitarist as the new millenium's rock and roll sex symbol. Since the midwest is America's accordion heartland, Mike moved to Chicago, joined OOTG, and lived happily ever after.

Mike has played at many Chicago venues including The House of Blues, Martyr's, Kinetic Playground and The Hideout. In former bands he has shared the stage with acts such as Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, Crash Test Dummies, Dale Watson, Mike Gordon and many others. Michael is a multi-instrumentalist who has played guitar, bass, piano and accordion in various styles from Americana to hardcore to ska.

All photos* on this page by Michelle Kaffko Photography | Organic Headshots

*Except photos of Al, Dan, and Jacques, which were taken by someone else.

Photo of Jacques by Brendan Shanley ( @lostinprint )